Ayush Guest House also arranges Village Walks and Treks to local attractions. Our location means that you can simply set off from your accommodation at our guest house with a Guide, a picnic lunch and a good pair of walking shoes and be back by evening. Our Guide speaks very good English and is highly experienced regarding the hills and valleys of Kumaon.


bell-temple1A beautiful relaxing walk through pine forests with a view of the Himalayan ranges to Chitai via Sinotla. After only 10 minutes walk you will find yourself at Eagle Rock, which has a spectacular panoramic view of the valley below and the Himalayan Mountain Range. This is a place to sit and contemplate for a while and provides one with a wonderful sense of space. The Chitai Temple is devoted to Golu Devta (the god of Justice and is particular to Kumaon). Chitai Temple  is reputed to make every wish come true, provided you ask with a clear conscience.  Pick up a bell from the numerous stalls outside of the temple gates, write a petition and we wish you good luck! After a lunch at Chitai we walk back to the guest house.
The actual walk only takes approx 1 hour each direction (excluding the break at Eagle Rock).


p10400771After breakfast, take a walk down through the picturesque valley below our guest house alongside the river, where we will visit the temple at Nani. From there we will continue the walk along the river to Pedsal. We then take a taxi to the Bell Temple at Chitai. After a lunch we walk back to the guest house through the forest, via Eagle Rock.